Dawning of another new era-change is good

Today I am embarking again on another new journey. Change is good when it means growth and progress. Change for change sake is never good. Change without direction is fear and change to please others is insanity. We all should have a plan on where we are headed and we should make certain we are staying on the correct path.

When Dorothy left the path in the wizard of oz it was potentially fatal. Stay the course, believe in yourself, trust in the universe and you will reach your destination. But don’t forget to take care of yourself both physically and mentally.

Sometimes its tiring to continue but we still do

I fell out dead asleep by 1030pm last night. I had an action filled day with a new job, school assignments, my daughters birthday dinner and the current move. By 10 pm I could barely keep my eyes open as I laid down to read, so I just went to sleep. I must have needed it because I awoke after almost 7 straight hours of sleep, recharged and ready to conquer the new day.


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Don’t forget

New adventures of old Bill-update on our newest endeavor

I went back to the daily hustle of a full-time job yesterday and I am pretty tired. For some reason I decided that moving, going to school, studying for my ABO and starting a new job all needed to overlap. I am not complaining I am just saying I am super tired but I will definitely power through it all. Nothing gets the fire burning hotter than the winds of change



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Two Men and a Truck


So Cal Pro Wrestling 10th Year Anniversary Event

On Saturday I had the pleasure of enjoying top flight local professional wrestling here in North County San Diego put on by SoCal Pro Wrestling. This reminded me of the golden age of wrestling when I was young and I watched pro wrestlers beat each other up in small VFWs or High School Gyms. And while I wasn’t surprised by the talent or how fun it would be, I was surprised that it took me so long to attend an event.

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Socal Pro Wrestling10th Anniversary Event featuring Rey Misterio


The Fate of the Furious Starring the Rock and Vin Diesel

The Fate of the Furious starring the Rock and Vin Diesel is the 8th movie in the world famous Fast and Furious franchise. I had just watched all of the previous 7 movies over the holidays and I had a renewed interest in seeing this latest sequel. It was everything I expected; fast cars, quick dialog, unreal action sequences, and an all around good time.


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The Fate of the Furious

Understanding my Vision and why I continue to push forward

It took me several years but I have just recently understood what drives me to hustle and grind every day. Knowing what drives me motivates me to work through sickness, to push through on days I am exhausted,  and to continuously learn and grow.


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National Lampoon’s Vacation Franchise

Just finished the movie series for National Lampoons Vacation from the original to the current version. Had I watched the new one without seeing the older ones I would probably have hated it. But since I watched them all in order I really enjoyed the Ed Helms one more than I expected. That being the case here are my rankings.

5. Christmas Vacation

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Christmas Vacation is a movie I tend to like more the closer it gets to Christmas and less the further away from Christmas. I watched this in January and I realized this movie isn’t about a vacation its’s about a holiday celebration involving family members who really don’t like each other.


4. Vacation 2015

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Vacation 2015 is a decent attempt to revive the beloved franchise but it doesn’t really work out. In staying with the series they do give us the 5th Audrey and Rusty and probably the 2 best ones since the original. Chris Hemsworth did, however, make me laugh out loud with this huge punchline.

3. Vegas Vacation

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Vegas Vacation is a fun ride through Las Vegas and it really made me want to go to Las Vegas when I first saw this movie. Rusty’s run of luck as Nick Papagorgio is some of my favorite scenes along with Ellen and Wayne Newton’s almost affair.

2. European Vacation

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European Vacation is the first Vacation movie that I got to watch over and over thanks to cable television. My friends and I watched this movie quite a few times. I even still quote the “Look kids, Big Ben, Parliment” line often, even though my family hates it when I do. This one could have easily been my favorite.


1. Vacation 1983

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Vacation is the one that let Chevy Chase loose on the movie world and made all of us teenage boys fall madly in love with Christy Brinkley. It made stars out of Anthony Michael Hall, John Candy, and Randy Quaid as well as Harold Ramis for writing and John Hughes for directing. It is really a ridiculous yet fun adventure. It makes me wish Wally World was a real place.