Dawning of another new era-change is good

Today I am embarking again on another new journey. Change is good when it means growth and progress. Change for change sake is never good. Change without direction is fear and change to please others is insanity. We all should have a plan on where we are headed and we should make certain we are staying on the correct path.

When Dorothy left the path in the wizard of oz it was potentially fatal. Stay the course, believe in yourself, trust in the universe and you will reach your destination. But don’t forget to take care of yourself both physically and mentally.

So Cal Pro Wrestling 10th Year Anniversary Event

On Saturday I had the pleasure of enjoying top flight local professional wrestling here in North County San Diego put on by SoCal Pro Wrestling. This reminded me of the golden age of wrestling when I was young and I watched pro wrestlers beat each other up in small VFWs or High School Gyms. And while I wasn’t surprised by the talent or how fun it would be, I was surprised that it took me so long to attend an event.

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Socal Pro Wrestling10th Anniversary Event featuring Rey Misterio


Understanding my Vision and why I continue to push forward

It took me several years but I have just recently understood what drives me to hustle and grind every day. Knowing what drives me motivates me to work through sickness, to push through on days I am exhausted,  and to continuously learn and grow.


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